Something that is done well once the action kicks up is the level of suspense Orlando brings to this story.

Trista and Holt Vol. 1

Trista and Holt Volume One shows off more of Bergen’s grasp on the noir world of story telling. This guy knows his way around the hard-boiled/noir world.

Man Vs. Rock Vol. 4

Man Vs. Rock continues to be a comic unlike any other. The humor comes out of nowhere and there’s no possible way you can predict what’s going to happen next.


Dengue demands your attention; a story filled with devastating events that take wild turns.

Zodiac Starforce #1

Zodiac Starforce #1 does a great job at setting up the world and team while giving a significant amount of background info into how things “used to be”.

’68 Last Rites #1

By Mark Kidwell, Jeff Zornow, Jay Fotos “God… he’s so young.” “Yeah… but he’s so damned good at it.” “That just tells me he’s been…