Superior Spider-Man #17

While not everything flows well, Spider-Man 2099’s return is still exciting and worth a read. Coupled with Stegman’s art, this arc has a lot going for it. Now let’s all hope for the miracle of a consistently well written story arc.

Infinity #2

While Infinity #2 is fantastic, one must wonder how much entertainment and appreciation you can squeeze out of this story if you aren’t at least reading Avengers and New Avengers. All three titles are incredible, but not everybody can afford to buy numerous books, especially if it’s just to get one story. With both DC and Marvel screaming for your attention, it can be hard to tell what to spend your money on. Well, Infinity should be one, with Avengers and New Avengers a close second and third.

New Avengers #9

By Jonathan Hickman and Mike Deodato Tie-ins are not always the best of comics. Any time DC or Marvel have a massive crossover, they always…

FF #11

By Matt Fraction and Michael Allred This issue is a little sad. The story isn’t particularly depressing, but it’s the fact that Matt Fraction is…