Kings Watch #3

By Jeff Parker and Marc Laming With the third issue of Kings Watch, things have really started to heat up, with our heroes having been…

The Shadow Now #3

by David Liss and Colton Worley With The Shadow Now issue three we find Lamont Cranston is still reeling from having his entire organization crumble…

The Spider Annual 2013

By Shannon Eric Denton, Igor Vitorino & Wes Hartman Since The Spider has returned at Dynamite Entertainment he has been written consistently well by David…

Kings Watch #2

by Jeff Parker, Marc Laming & Jordan Boyd After reading issue two of Kings Watch it is indeed safe to say that the plot thickens….

The Spider #14

This issue was a little slow but there were a few reveals that were very intriguing, especially when Richard discovers his father’s secret buried deep underneath Wentworth Industries.