Green Lantern #48

Venditti avoids one cliché when two superheroes meet for the first time, but he creates a bit of a problem in that their interactions aren’t as memorable or as engaging as they could have been.

Green Lantern #43

Green Lantern is still a decent read that marks a continuous compelling storyline, even if there’s nothing mind-blowing here. Thankfully at least, the book has so far avoided returning to yet another crossover, which is just what this series needs.

Star Trek / Green Lantern #1

By Mike Johnson, Angel Hernandez & Alejandro Sanchez The minute this title was released in the solicits, my imagination was peaked. This is definitely a…

Green Lantern #41

By Robert Venditti, Billy Tan, Mark Irwin, Alex Sinclair & Tony Avina Green Lantern #41 opens a new chapter in Hal Jordan’s life as the…