Sex #7

by Joe Casey, Piotr Kowalski & Brad Simpson The seventh issue of Sex has by far the most amount of sex in it yet and…

Sex Criminals #1

Sex Criminals is a book that most people should check out and make up their own minds about but it is also an example of never judging a book by its cover, or title.

Kings Watch #1

By Jeff Parker, Marc Laming & Jordan Boyd Dynamite has become the home of reinvigorating old pulp heroes and making them relevant in the 21st…

Half Past Danger #5

By Stephen Mooney & Jordie Bellaire It’s that long awaited time of the month that Half Past Danger returns and with it, guess who’s back?…

The Bounce #5

By Joe Casey & David Messina Joe Casey has been cranking out lot of great original superhero work lately, The Bounce being one of them. It’s…

Dream Thief #5

by Jai Nitz & Greg Smallwood A common problem that pops up in the comic industry is sometimes stories are cut off too early before…

The Spider #14

This issue was a little slow but there were a few reveals that were very intriguing, especially when Richard discovers his father’s secret buried deep underneath Wentworth Industries.

Astro City #4

This issue was probably the best one of the latest run and that says something because the last 2 issues were a very strong arc as well.

Hit! #1

Sometimes you just need a meat-and-potatoes detective pulp story to just immerse yourself into, and Hit! is perfect for that.