Sheltered #3

Sheltered has really had a remarkable start and the cliffhanger this issue ends which assures us next issue things will get interesting. Christmas and Chankahamma make a great artistic duo and when you throw in an engaging story with well developed characters from Brisson and you really have an engaging series.

Catalyst Comix #3

This series is fun and there is plenty in the story and characters to keep one interested. There is a strong feeling that there will be a payoff down the road.

Lazarus #3

by Greg Rucka, Michael Lark and Santi Arcas Three issues deep into Lazarus and you can definitely say that the plot thickens. After using the first two…

Regular Show #3

by Zach Smith, Kevin Church, Brandon Snider, Brad McGinty, Brooke Allen, Whitney Cogar & JJ Harrison In issue three of Regular Show,  we are introduced…