Paper Girls #5

There is still very much the flicker of a greater idea emerging around the edges of Paper Girls, but it is trapped under the byzantine plot and the heavy emphasis on the artifice of genre rather than depth of story.

Spawn #256

By Todd McFarlane, Jonboy, Szymon Kudranski, Laura Martin, and FCO Plascenscia The history of Spawn is such a bizarre and complex rollercoaster of success, failure,…

Nameless #5

There’s no denying the surrealistic mood piece aesthetic of the comic works well, but it’s an unsustainable core in the long-term, leaving this an engaging read that fades from memory all too quickly.

We Stand On Guard #2

However, no amount of excellent art can really imbue the story with deeper meaning and at the end of the day We Stand On Guard is currently just pretty good.

The Humans #6

By Keenan Marshall Keller, Tom Neely, and Kristina Collantes The Humans is one of those amazing concepts that could only really come from the world…