Ragnarok #6

This series is proof that some people just get better with age. Simonson? The man still has it. Martin? Even just the colors are worth the price of admission. Plus, everything is so metal.

Mega Man #51

There is always a lot to love about Mega Man, but a Mega Man comic with Sonic and Street Fighter? That’s on a whole other level of pure awesomeness. The Archie Action! line is somehow getting even cooler.

Ragnarok #5

By Walt Simonson, Laura Martin, John Workman Ragnarök is essentially a metal album given visual form. There are a few current comics that are technically…

Mega Man #48

By Ian Flynn, Ryan Odagawa, Gary Martin, John Workman, Evan Stanley Ian Flynn has shown an uncanny ability to take a simple platforming video game…