Titans Hunt #1

This isn’t the return of the Teen Titans so much as an awkward attempt at covering a pretty embarrassing mistake that never should’ve happened in the first place.

Cyborg #3

This isn’t building a unique mythos for Cyborg to inhabit and for future writers to inherit, it’s just saddling the character with the most clichéd and basic superhero personality you can find

The Martian

The Martian is such a strangle conflagration of factors that are so rarely seen coming out of Hollywood these days it’s kind of a marvel…

Spawn #256

By Todd McFarlane, Jonboy, Szymon Kudranski, Laura Martin, and FCO Plascenscia The history of Spawn is such a bizarre and complex rollercoaster of success, failure,…

Kaijumax #6

The harshness of the stories at hand, especially coupled with the lighter visual aesthetic, might be off-putting to some, but if you can tune your brain to Kaijumax’s frequency you’ll find this an excellent read and easily the best sci-fi allegory currently being published in comics.

Astro City #27

…not everything needs to be a TV show or a movie or even a New York Times bestseller, some things can just be for comic nerds, and that’s Astro City.