Cyborg #1

…this isn’t a review of the series to come it’s a review of the issue at hand and this is a pretty lame issue. Here’s hoping for better in issue #2.

Moon Knight #17

Moon Knight #17 is at best a well-intentioned misfire. There’s still enough of the great series in it to be enjoyed but it’s not the same kind of dynamite storytelling that marked the previous issues.

Aliens vs. Zombies #1

Aliens vs. Zombies probably won’t change anyone’s life, but it’s a great ride of a comic and a thoroughly enjoyable adventure through genre fusion. Best of all, every page oozes with passion and effort from everyone involved.

Civil War #1

By Charles Soule, Leinil Francis Yu, Sunny Gho, and Gerry Alanguilan In May of 1984, Marvel Comics would redefine the world of comics by essentially…

Nailbiter #14

By Joshua Williams, Mike Henderson, and Adam Guzowski Nailbiter is one of those few comic book experiences that comes off perfect in every aspect. Firstly…

Red Skull #1

By Joshua Williamson, Luca Pizzari, and Rainier Beredo Tie-in and spin-off comics are usually the bane of an event comic, usually falling prey to inflated…