Cuticle Detective Inaba chapter 107

Cuticle Detective Inaba, as silly as the series often is, is mustering a lot of effort for what is presumably the series final arc. It is a shame the series did not develop darker plots until what is presumed to be near the end.

Cuticle Detective Inaba chapter 106

While there were a few minor quibbles to be had with this chapter, especially with how the speech felt undercut at the end, chapter 106 was an entertaining read nonetheless. It really is a shame that Cuticle Detective Inaba is heading towards its conclusion because the series remains a highlight in my day each time I sit down to read it.

Cuticle Detective Inaba Chapter 105

It should be interesting how characters bounce off each other moving forward. It feels like the series is playing with some while such as how morally grey the world can truly be and the importance of family be it biological or not