Superman #23.3

By Scott Lobdell, Dan Jurgens, Ray Mccarthy, and HI-FI This week in villains month DC gives H’EL a solo in Superman. H’EL was recently created…

The Flash #23.2: Reverse Flash

All in all, this issue really did go by in a flash. There was nothing wrong with the book, which is to be expected when the team of Manapul and Booch are involved, but there really wasn’t a whole lot extra added to the world of The Flash.

Green Arrow #23.1

Before Lemire, Sorrentino and company got their hands on Count Vertigo he was a B-lister at best. Thanks to this creative team it’s pretty safe to say that Vertigo will soon be joining the ranks of the recognizable A-list villains. Buy this book. You would be wise not to disrespect the Count.