Manga Mavericks EP 78: My Love Story!!


On this episode of Manga Mavericks, Lum & Colton are joined by Ashley McDonnell, host of the Shojo & Tell shojo manga podcast, to discuss My Love Story!! from Kazune Kawahara & Aruko, about a macho but lovable and reliable teenager named Gouda Takeo, who’s always used to the girls he likes confessing to his best friend Sunakawa, until one day he finally finds a girlfriend of his own and his springtime of youth officially begins!! Join the mavericks as they discuss their shojo manga to be covered on the podcast and its portrayals of real and healthy relationships of all kinds! As well as listen to Ashley and Colton even duke it out in an impromptu Manga Fight over who is best boy! Enjoy!




0:00:00 – Intro


0:00:33 – Monthly Bookscan List for January

0:04:31 – Happiness Ends March 9th

0:05:21 – Mikio Ikemoto Plans Boruto to be Complete Within 30 volumes

0:07:04 – Gintama Manga Continues Through Official Gintama app

0:11:57 – Arata Primal launches on Manga Plus

0:14:02 – Rose of Versailles and Sugar Sugar Rune still in the works(???)

0:16:22 – Kodansha USA Digital First Titles from February

0:20:40 – Seven Seas licenses Uzaki-chan Wants to Hang Out

0:22:35 – Dark Horse licenses Ms Koizumi Loves Ramen Noodles

0:25:16 – Viz SUBLime licenses Yarichin Bitch Club

0:26:40 – Viz licenses Way of the Househusband & more coming this Fall

0:30:15 – TCAF to host Junji Ito

0:31:04 – Japan Expands Scope of Proposed Copyright Law Reforms, Manga Artists Protest

0:38:04 – Astra Lost in Space Anime Announced for 2019

0:40:20 – Beastars Anime Announced

0:41:49 – More info on Hollywood Live-Action Your Name film

Discussion Topic(s):

0:44:56 – My Love Story Discussion

2:16:56 – Manga Fight! Who is Best Boy? Takeo or Sunakawa?

2:35:20 – Wrap-Up!


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