Contact Us

Welcome to the Contact page! Exciting, right? Use the form below to report a bug, if you want us to review your book, if you want to contact any of our writers or for a number of other things.

If you happen to want us to check out your book, it's best if you follow this handy guideline:

  • All of our staff here prefer to read the books in PDF form; it's faster and easier than mailing. Please include a link within your email for a PDF copy so we can take a look as quickly as possible. If a PDF copy is not an option, we can certainly discuss mailing a physical copy out.
  • We're currently not looking to review comic strips or picture books. Fully formed comics, in the most common of senses, only please. If you really, really want us to look at something that might not fall under the comics category you can inquire below and we can see what we can do.
  • To help us with reviews, please include a large JPEG or PNG file of the cover of your book. Sometimes it's hard, or almost impossible, to find out on the interwebs. It's also worth including creator contacts for tagging (like Twitter!) when a review goes live.