Story & Art by Osamu Nishi

Edited by Ajani Oloye

Translation by Jacqueline Fung

Production by Shirley Fang & Pei Ann Yeap

Lettering by Nicole Roderick

Proofreading by Micah Q. Allen

Welcome to Demon School! Iruma-kun focuses on teenager Iruma Suzuki, a pushover who often finds himself in a slew of predicaments. After his parents sell his soul, Iruma is sent to the Netherworld to be raised by an obsessively doting demon grandfather and attend the demon school Babyls. Now, Iruma must navigate his life while also not being found out as a human by his demon classmates.

One of the most entertaining aspects of Iruma-kun is how quickly its story escalates. Within the first chapter alone, we go from Iruma being introduced to demon society to then being revered by his classmates at Babyls. Adding to the hilarity, Iruma wants nothing to do with the situation, merely wishing to blend in and not draw attention to himself, but his own skill for crisis evasion only makes him stand out more among his peers. Iruma’s unfortunate circumstances make him easy to sympathize with, but you can’t help but laugh as he falls deeper into the antics of the Netherworld.

If Iruma wasn’t enough to make this manga a worthwhile read, the supporting cast members are all enjoyable in their own right. The demon Asmodeus is introduced as an antagonistic figure in the first chapter but quickly becomes a servant to Iruma, willing to go to extreme lengths to show his loyalty. Meanwhile, there is Clara, whose ditzy and hyper behavior brings an exciting energy to the story. While these two demons’ eccentric personalities contrast with Iruma’s grounded mindset, it’s clear that Iruma grows fond of them over time, to the point that he can even consider them his first-ever friends. This band of misfits creates the perfect dynamic for a manga that will engage you from start to finish.

Iruma-kun isn’t Osamu Nishi’s first manga, having previously published Hotel Helheim in Shueisha’s Jump SQ, and this is apparent from the excellent draftsmanship present in this volume. The manga showcases a wide range of character expressions and masterfully arranged panels to emphasize the impact of each comedic moment. One of my favorite scenes that encapsulates these qualities is the two-page spread where the students of Babyls cheer on Iruma after he recites the forbidden spell at his entrance ceremony, which amusingly contrasts the building tension during Iruma’s speech. Nishi has taken full advantage of the comic medium to make Iruma-kun a thoroughly engrossing experience.

Welcome to Demon School! Iruma-kun is a fantastic read that will hook you with its charming cast and humorous storytelling. This first volume effectively sells you on the manga’s premise and endears you to Iruma and his friends. This is one series that you should keep your eyes on.

9.0 10


Welcome to Demon School! Iruma-kun, Volume 1

Welcome to Demon School! Iruma-kun is a fantastic read that will hook you with its charming cast and humorous storytelling.


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