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    Black Widow #1

    Although nothing about this issue screams ‘must read’ just yet, it has plenty of potential and promise.
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    Amazing Spider-Man #13

    By Nick Spencer, Ryan Ottley, Laura Martin and Andrew Crossley Fans of Spider-Man, and more importantly Amazing Spider-Man, have had Dan Slott on writing duties for the past 5 years or so. Nick Spencer is 13 issues into his run, and there is definitely a very different feel to the book. Now, Spencer is very capable of telling a dark ...
  • Manga Mavericks EP 73: Best Of Manga 2018!

        On this episode of Manga Mavericks, with the start of the new year comes our annual Best Of Manga episode! We take a look at everything related to the podcast, what manga we read and everything in between. We even only have about 20 minutes worth of news! Its a 2019 miracle!! Enjoy!   PODCAST BREAKDOWN: 0:00:00 – ...

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BREAKTHROUGH: Valiant’s Boundary-Shattering Lineup in 2019

“BREAKTHROUGH,” a Bold New Slate of Stories from Valiant Entertainment BREAKTHROUGH is a boundary-shattering lineup of new #1s from Valiant Entertainment that will serve as ...

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