Los Angeles, CA – Publisher TOKYOPOP delivers an enticing pair of releases as it announces manga and light novel series for MY BEAUTIFUL MAN, an acclaimed boy-meets-boy romance written by Yuu Nagira.

The manga and light novel are scheduled to debut in-print and digitally on July 16th. Both releases follow protagonist Kazunari Hira, a high school student who—due to a speech impairment—is a social outcast, as well as Sou Kiyoi, the aloof yet beautiful class king. When Hira’s made the errand boy for the popular boys in his class, he strangely finds himself growing devoted to Kiyoi. Even though the two have nothing in common, they grow closer.

TOKYOPOP will have advance copies of the manga and light novel and a special gift for purchase or proof of preorder at its booth at the 2024 Anime Expo ahead of titles’ wide release on July 16th.

MY BEAUTIFUL MAN (MANGA), VOL. 1, story by Yuu Nagira, art by Megumi Kitano SRP: $13.99 176 Pages For Older Teens 16+ ISBN: 9781427877550 Available July 16th   

Hira has always dreaded the first day of new classes. Ever since he was little, he’s had a stutter that only worsens when he’s anxious, causing Hira to always sink to the bottom of the social pyramid. This year of his high school career might not have been any different if it weren’t for him: Kiyoi, the most beautiful and kingly man Hira has ever seen. Normally, their lives would never intersect, but Hira suddenly gets a chance to grow closer with Kiyoi when he’s made the popular group’s gofer and gets Kiyoi’s phone number! Hira treasures every order Kiyoi gives him and every bit of change he’s handed to run errands… Is this what they call love?

This book contains mature themes and sexually suggestive content. It is intended for mature audiences aged 16+ 

MY BEAUTIFUL MAN (LIGHT NOVEL), VOL. 1, story by Yuu Nagira, art by Rikako Kasai SRP: $19.99 320 Pages For Mature Readers ISBN: 9781427875464 Available July 16th   

Kazunari Hira is not what you’d call popular. In fact, he’s basically on the lowest rung of the social ladder, due largely to his stutter that tends to flare up when he’s anxious. And then there’s him: Sou Kiyoi, leader of the pack and the most beautiful man Hira has ever seen. When Hira is made the popular group’s gofer, he realizes that he doesn’t mind his lowly position so much when the orders are coming from Kiyoi’s lips. In fact, Hira treasures every order Kiyoi gives him and every bit of change he’s handed to run errands. Could he actually be… in love?

In Japan, MY BEAUTIFUL MAN was adapted into a popular live action TV series that ran for 2 Seasons and starred Riku Hagiwara as Kazunari Hira and Fantastics from Exile Tribe pop idol member Yusei Yagi in the role of Sou Kiyoi. It was widely acclaimed with Hagiwara and Yagi winning the My Best TV Prize Grand Prix Award at the 59th and 60th Galaxy Awards for their performances in both seasons. The conclusion of the series was released as a live action feature film in 2023.

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