It’s Spring, and we are sooo back! After reading “Omniscient Reader’s Viewpoint,” we were curious about singNsong’s other work, “The World After The Fall.” Did it manage to live up to expectations? Not quite, but there’s still a lot to dissect about it! In this delirious episode, we have some strong feelings about storytelling and the reader experience. If you enjoyed the discussion, go ahead and give us a like or a rating, or reach out to us on socials!

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About The Author Varun Gupta

Varun Gupta is a BI Engineer that works in the entertainment industry. Throughout his entire life, Varun has had an immense love of animation and comics. An obsessive manga collector, he spends his free time attempting to read through his massive backlog of series, hoping to one day finish them all. Will he succeed in his perilous quest? Probably not, but at least he’s having fun doing it!

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