Star Wars: Thrawn

by Timothy Zahn Star Wars: Thrawn appears to be the result of many, many, fans of the now non-canon Star Wars novels making enough noise for…

Star Wars Novel Timeline

Welcome to the Star Wars Canon Novel Timeline! Everything that is currently out, with a few books that are currently scheduled can be found…

Star Wars: Lords of the Sith

Lords easily takes first place in the novel race so far and considering the quality we’ve gotten so far, that says it all. Expectations were high and Kemp managed to hit them all and then some.

Star Wars: Heir of the Jedi

Because it’s Star Wars and because it was Luke Skywalker, this book still comes recommended to eventually pick up and read. There just might not be a crazy rush to pick it up leading into the new movie.

Star Wars: Tarkin

Tarkin might not be the book you were expecting, or even a book that you thought you wanted, but it’s more than worth the read.