Silk, riches, and snitches getting stitches… This month’s episode is about Not-Sew-Wicked Stepmom! In this charming tale about a transmigrator stepmother to Snow White, Amber and Marion break down what about the storytelling makes it so compelling. With themes about found family, learning to love yourself, and pursuing your talents, it’s the perfect feel-good story to start 2024.

Happy New Year, and a heartfelt thanks from us at Soju Wanna Read Manhwa, for supporting us. As thanks, we’d like to announce a collaborative giveaway with our friends at Yen and Ize Press. We have 15 tote bags and 20 posters for Omniscent Reader’s Viewpoint fans to give away as thanks for showing up so strongly for Sleepy-C at this year’s Anime NYC! Every single one will be given away, totes and posters a pair at a time, and 5 individual posters. One lucky winner will also get the issue of Publisher’s Weekly with their poster and tote.


To enter, you can:

– Follow @sojumanhwapod on Twitter (X) or Instagram

– Like/Share/RT the announcement post on our socials

– Follow @yenpress and @izepress

– Send a screenshot with your entry(ies) via reply/DM on socials, or email

The event will last one week (1/1/24-1/7/24)

20 winners will be selected randomly

– 15 winners will get an Omniscient Reader’s Viewpoint poster and tote bag from Yen Press as seen at Anime NYC

– 5 will receive a poster

– 1 of the first 15 will also receive an issue of Publisher’s Weekly with Omniscient Reader on the front cover.

Winners will be announced on 1/8/24 on our Twitter and Instagram!

This giveaway will be international

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