All-Comic.com was established September 1st, 2013. We’re a site dedicated to comics, and comic –related things, that we love; we quite literally Worship Comics. Reviews, news, interviews, columns, opinions, podcasts and many other aspects of the comic world can be found right here, and we update daily!

Our Logo

The two signature ravens in our fantastic logo, implemented October 2nd, 2014, was designed for us by Daniel Warren Johnson. If you like it as much as we do, make sure you check out his webcomic Space-Mullet and follow him on Twitter @danielwarrenart.

How We Review

We use a 10/10 rating system for all our reviews, each rating might not be exactly what you’re used to. We wanted a system that was less negative that other rating systems that we’ve seen so to clarify how we rating a book here is our star rating system:

10/10 - Blown away. Generally considered to be a “perfect” comic.
9/10 - Amazing. Near perfect comic. 
8/10 - Loved it. Really enjoyable comic, almost no issues with the book, can’t wait for the next one.
7/10 - Really Enjoyed It. More than like, not quite love. 
6/10 - Liked it. It wasn’t a game changer, but it was enjoyable and it’s still something to recommend and continue reading.
5/10 - Average. Middle of the road comic. 
4/10 - It was ok. Still some good thing about this comic, even if overall it wasn’t the best.
3/10 - Wasn't for me. Others may still enjoy it. 
2/10 - Did not like it. Not a whole lot of, if any, positives to this book.
1/10 - It Was Bad. 
0/10 - Awful. Zero positives, not recommended purchasing this book. 

Our Crew