The Seven Deadly Sins #167

It’s an immensely satisfying display of great action, characterization, and plot development, leaving much to look forward to with these characters in the future, even as the focus now shifts elsewhere. We’re three for three with these tournament fights so far, and here’s hoping the remainder prove just as strong.

Yamada-kun and the Seven Witches #199

This chapter is a great showcase of Yamada-kun’s strengths. From its believable teenage couple, relatable character-driven humor, adeptly used ensemble cast, and its ability to intertwine plot and character development with a strong comedic premise, there’s just a whole lot to love and laugh at here.

Yamada-kun and the Seven Witches #198

The chapter could have gone further and stranger with it’s premise, but the execution here felt more retrained and safe. While there are many amusing moments, comedy is rooted in surprised expectations, and the lack of that here meant that there were few genuinely funny moments to be found.

Saki Volume 1

The series is at its best when it is serious and the characters are engaging in high tension mahjong duels. The most detracting aspect is by far the fan service as the characters, paneling, writing, to name a few aspects make this a thoroughly enjoyable read despite that.

Fairy Tail #476

Like the rest, this fight felt obligatory rather than essential, a way to show off some fan-favorites and play with some crazy ideas before the series ends. Which is fine and dandy, but it’d be nice if there was something more substantial to go along with it.