Platinum End Chapter 6

Chapter six marks a significant improvement over most of the previous chapters, save for the pilot, as the series seems to have more of a direction and identity now that the events at the stadium are in the past.

Platinum End Chapter 4

Platinum End seems to be hurrying from major plot point to major plot point without allowing time to absorb matters fully. It leaves a lingering uncertainty of exactly who it is intended for, apart from existing fans of Ohba and Obata collaborations.

Boruto: Naruto Next Generation #1

Immediately Boruto establishes itself as a coming of age story, a meditation on father-son relationships, and a tale of changing times. These are all rich and intriguing themes with a lot of potential worth exploring, and this first chapter weaves through them excellently, formulating a compelling read.

Platinum End Chapter 3

This was by far a better chapter than the one immediately prior. There was lots of character development the characters themselves being very sympathetic people. I feel much more confident in recommending this series now that there is a much better idea of where it is going moving forward. A must read for fans of Ohba and Obata.

Platinum End: Chapter Two

Platinum End chapter two is definitely worth a read for fans of this creative team; the series has its flaws early on, mostly in lack of restraint, and antagonists without much to offer besides padding the story, but this manga has potential.