Judge Dredd Megazine #382

Welcoming a brand new title, continuing two existing stories and offering us a stand-alone and complete Judge Dredd story, Meg 382 hits the ground running….

2000 AD Prog 2024

This week 2000AD Prog 2024 continues three stories started in Prog 2023 (the review can be found here) and introduces us to a new Judge Dredd arc…

2000 AD Prog 2023

As the benevolent Tharg The Mighty would say, it’s time for a ‘jumping-on prog’ which means if you’re unsure about 2000AD and don’t know where…

Dredd: Urban Warfare

Dredd: Urban Warfare does what all good Judge Dredd tales do: it thrills with its surface-level action while subtly planting questions in your brain about society’s structure and its reasons for being through exaggerated caricatures of the all-too real tribulations found outside its pages.

Predator vs Judge Dredd vs Aliens HC

Price of admission is virtually covered through the spectacular art in both these stories and the sheer thrill of seeing the singularly minded beasts, be they dreadlocked or helmeted or drooling, come face to face with their own primal natures is its own reward. For Grud’s sake, who doesn’t love the smell of napalm fueled justice in their comics collection?