Reborn #1

Reborn is an interesting continuation of Mark Millar’s recent foray into bigger more challenging ideas, anchored by Capullo’s art.

Cage #1

Cage! #1 sets up this four-part mini to be to Luke Cage what Batman ’66 was to Batman

Darth Vader #24

It’s best not to treat this issue as an issue, but instead as a series of wonderful images used to bring life to a dreary & misguided tale.

Harley Quinn #1

For the many Harley Quinn obsessives in the world, this is exactly what they want and more: a checklist of everything you need to make a great comic about Mister J’s favourite squeeze.

Abe Sapien #35

Mignola and his gothic squad are bridging their titles together in a subtler, more adult way: Through tone, imagery and atmosphere.

Plutona #5

This is 110% a team effort. Every creator’s input is felt. They pass the baton between them and work together to elevate each other’s ideas.