Ninjak #6

Ninjak remains all sorts of bananas; a book as confident as its protagonist that deftly juggles the ridiculous until it’s indecipherable from the insightful and delicate character work.

Ivar, Timewalker #8

Lighter on quotable quips or humorous internet commentary than past issues, it attempts to get a little more serious than it may be capable of and the unfortunate fallout is the inexplicable small shifts in characterizations found within.

Ninjak #5

Perhaps a little too anxious to show how impressive a hand it still has to play, Ninjak #5 suffers a little from rushing to the first arc finish line.

Ivar, Timewalker #7

Pithy banter, real stakes, richly relatable characters, and lively action combine once again to make Ivar, Timewalker dare you to have as much fun as the creators clearly are.