Fairy Tail #476

Like the rest, this fight felt obligatory rather than essential, a way to show off some fan-favorites and play with some crazy ideas before the series ends. Which is fine and dandy, but it’d be nice if there was something more substantial to go along with it.

Fairy Tail #474

This was a rushed, overstuffed chapter, featuring many good ideas ruined by unsatisfying execution. There’s not a whole lot to look forward to with the DiMaria fight now that the focus has shifted to a character with a problematic history in the story, and features a villain who is less believable as a threat than even the least credible villains in Dragon Ball Z.

Fairy Tail #470

This is Fairy Tail’s final arc; this is where it should be pulling out all the stops, with it’s most gripping fights, strongest character development, and heart-wrenching and blood-pumping moments. Unfortunately, it’s hard to see how undermining a character like God Serena is in any way constructive to that effort, and it’s among the most egregious of a string of baffling writing choices Mashima’s made that makes it hard to understand where he’s trying to go with the series, and why the reader should care.