Sons of Anarchy #1

By Christopher Golden, Damian Couceiro, & Stephen Downer There are plenty of movies and TV series that have seen comic book counterparts released. However, these…

Brain Boy #1

Admittedly, many aspects of Brain Boy have been done before within the medium of comic book story-telling. However, there is something about the way each aspect has been pieced together with the rest of the book that makes it feel fresh and new. Issue #1 was not only a terrific introduction to this story, but was also an incredibly exciting and quick-paced initial installment. If the rest of this series maintains the sensibilities present throughout #1 then this is a book to watch out for.

The Black Bat #5

Overall, the Black Bat may not appear to vastly differ from the many other pulp titles currently being produced. However, as always, it is best to follow the artists as opposed to the characters In this case, this philosophy has paid off given Buccellato’s excellent sense of pacing and overall story-telling.

God is Dead #1

Although the story doesn’t appear particularly deep at this point, there is certainly a sense of the epic throughout the pages of God is Dead. The plot is fantastically interesting and different, and there is a ton of potential for something really special with this book.

Station to Station

By Corinna Bechko & Gabriel Hardman Station to Station is one-shot comic book that was originally featured in Dark Horse Presents #19-21. For a single…

Skullkickers #24

By Various The hilariously fun fantasy series, Skullkickers, has recently finished up its fourth story arc. As in the past, that means it’s time for…