The Punisher #225

By Mathew Rosenberg, Guiu Vilanova and Lee Loughridge The Punisher is by far one of Marvels most violent and graphic books. There’s no denying that…

The Punisher #220

By Matthew Rosenberg, Guiu Vilanova, Lee Loughridge What happens when you give one of the most dangerous men in the world his own war machine?…

All-Star Batman #12

By Scott Snyder, Rafael Albuquerque,  Rafael Scavone, Sebastian Fiumara, Lee Loughridge, Jordie Bellaire, Steve Wands, and Trish Mulvihill. This is the third part of the…

All-Star Batman #9

By Scott Snyder, Jock, Lee Loughridge, and Steve Wands Finally, we have the conclusion to the latest arc of All-Star Batman from Snyder and co….

Power Man and Iron Fist #4

All of this makes this a fun read, but this book has potential to be so much more by just giving these characters a storyline that really makes us care about them.