The Seven Deadly Sins #169

In this one sequence, we not only learn more about Escanor, but see him grow as a character, resolving his feelings for Merlin in a gratifying way. The pairing of Escanor and Gowther makes remarkable sense given the contrasts provided in this chapter: Gowther is driven by reason, whereas Escanor is driven by his emotion.

The Seven Deadly Sins #167

It’s an immensely satisfying display of great action, characterization, and plot development, leaving much to look forward to with these characters in the future, even as the focus now shifts elsewhere. We’re three for three with these tournament fights so far, and here’s hoping the remainder prove just as strong.

The Seven Deadly Sins #163

It’s refreshing to see a pair of female characters, both love interests of main male characters, who can kick butt and hold their own as well. It’ll be exciting to see just how far they’ll get in this tournament, and I can’t wait to see how the other teams fare in the coming chapters.