Trinity #1

With its commitment to analyzing its theme from every angle Trinity has set itself up for a truly interesting start.

Nightwing #2

Seeley has readers asking all of the right questions while Fernandez and Sotomayor are making it more than appealing to the eye.

Harley Quinn #1

For the many Harley Quinn obsessives in the world, this is exactly what they want and more: a checklist of everything you need to make a great comic about Mister J’s favourite squeeze.

Nightwing #1

Nightwing made an excellent first impression during its Rebirth special and keeps that feeling rolling well through its first issue.

Nightwing Rebirth #1

If this Rebirth issue is any indication of where the series is going to go, there is no doubt that the funny and enjoyable stories to come will further the character and pleasantly surprised any new reader.

Green Arrow: Rebirth #1

Thanks to Rebirth, love is in the air and that makes it an exciting time for our heroes. Percy and Schmidt with this one shot alone have laid the groundwork for what looks to be a promising beginning for Oliver and Dinah.

Aquaman: Rebirth #1

…AQUAMAN is still hard to recommend to anyone other than huge fans. If you don’t like the character, this comic is not going to convince you otherwise.