Batman Beyond Universe #3


By Christos Gage, Kyle Higgins, Ban Coello, & Thony Silas

In Batman Beyond, Terry faces off against the original Bat family, but he quickly realizes who they are. Also, the mastermind behind the mayor’s death is revealed… Justice League Beyond continues with Superman confronting Jax-Ur and his son in the Phantom Zone, while the rest of the league battles Superman’s robots. Jax-Ur unveils his scheme and the Justice League does its best to keep it from coming to fruition.

Kyle Higgins is still killing it on Batman Beyond!  As the reader progresses through the story, one can’t help but visualize the animation and feel nostalgic. Higgins’ writing matches the tone and voice of the source cartoon. The introduction of a new character, specifically a villain, can be tricky, but Kyle makes this latest foe fit right at home in the Batman Beyond universe. Also, he’s elevating the story by having multiple established villains team-up, which didn’t happen too much in the animated series. It was  a fun surprise to see Dick Grayson in action as well!

Christos Gage’s work in this issue of Justice League Beyond continues to be solid. It was a fairly straightforward issue with predictable twists and reveals. Despite this, Gage is able to keep the issue on point and fast-paced by alternating between the simultaneous events occurring between Superman in the Phantom Zone and the rest of the league on the other side. That was the saving grace of the book.

Thony Silas kept his panels on Batman Beyond very dynamic. No pages had similar layouts and there was so much eye candy to experience. By doing this, he kept the issue riveting and was in sync with Higgins’ writing. This creative team makes reading this title a real treat each month! Coello continues his sound work with Christos. There wasn’t anything that necessarily stood out, but the issue was still enjoyable.

Batman Beyond Universe continues to be a strong book and if you are not reading it either in print or digitally, there may be something wrong with you.