Merry Ho-Ho-Ho, comic worshippers! This edition of Best Of… is going to be an easy one. The All-Comic Crew have picked their top give for other, like-minded comic fans. It’s not too late if you still need some ideas about what to get somebody who likes comics and comic-related things! So, without futher adieu, here is our Best of… X-Mas Gifts!

Locke and Key: Welcome to Lovecraft


“Having just recently come to a close, this is a series that fans of good story telling will love. Joe Hill’s story of the Locke family is imaginative and grand while simultaneously brutal. In congruence with such fantastic scripting is Gabriel Rodriquez’s art. His attention to detail and scale feel as though this may in fact be at the hands of someone with achitectural training. It’s gorgeous and a must.”Dan

Y: The Last Man Book 1 Deluxe Edition


“Y: The Last Man is my personal favorite comic of all time and one of my favorite stories told in any medium. The deluxe edition puts together the first 12 issues of the 60 issue story. If you love comics and you haven’t read this book yet, fix it immediately. If you want to get a comic book gift to a non-comic book reader to show them that comics can be more than superheroes punching super villains, then this is the book for you.” Jacob

The Invisibles Complete Collection


“I’m not a fan of omnibus collections as I typically find them too bulky to read comfortably, but I know most people don’t feel this way. With that being said, The Invisibles is my all-time favorite series. Written by one of my personal heroes, Grant Morrison, this is a mind-altering tale about consciousness and the very nature of reality. Apparently all 7 trades are available together in one massive tome, and if you really want to get inside of somebody’s head this X-Mas, this will fill that bill.”  – Joey

The Ultimate Dark Knight Trilogy Blu-Ray


“It not only collects all three ground-breaking films, but includes a bonus documentary that delves behind the scenes and looks at the trilogy’s impact on pop culture. Also included is a photo-book with rare pictures and miniatures of all three batman vehicles. It is definitely a must-have for any film or comic-book fan!”Erik

Nerd Block


“Nerd Block is a monthly subscription box full of geeky, wondrous items. First off, you get a limited-edition t-shirt that will make you the talk of the wherever you happen to preside. Then to fill up the rest of the box, it’s a number of assorted items that include Funko Pop vinyl figures, puzzles, plushes, papercraft playsets, and much much more. They’ve partnered with companies such as Marvel, DC, Cartoon Network (Adventure Time), Disney (Star Wars), and Nintendo. For the affordable price of $30 (which includes shipping), it’s a great one-off gift for a friend or family member who could decide to continue the subscription.”Tim

Boxers & Saints Boxed Set


“First Second Books has had a pretty strong year with the critical acclaim they received for Battling Boy and Relish this year. Another of their series that had some buzz about it was two interconnecting books one called Boxers and another one called Saints. These books show both sides of the conflicting meeting of western and eastern cultures in 1898 China. Now you can get both softcover books in a nice looking slipcase for a decent cover price of $34.99 and it looks great on your shelf.”Ian

The Walking Dead Compendium Vol. 1


“Hey, everybody loves the walking dead TV show, it’s a smashing hit, but you know what’s better than the show? The comic. There is no better way to scratch a walking dead fans itch than by getting them the source material and showing them the way the characters actually are instead of the watered down versions we see on AMC. This is pretty affordable too, with a price tag under 40 bones.” – Jeremy

Chew Smorgasbord OHC Vol. 1


“Clocking in at $100 retail price is definitely a little hefty, but this massive tome collects the first 20 issues of the Eisner and Harvey Award winning indie series by co-creators John Layman and Rob Guillory. I consistently tell people that there is nothing like this on the shelves, and I mean that wholeheartedly. The art is unique, and the premise is just as unique. Anyone who likes indie comics will definitely find something to latch onto in Chew. And if 20 issues aren’t enough to entice you, then all of the extras should help seal the deal.”Robert

Hellboy and the Midnight Circus


“You know what, there are a lot of things I could put here, but this original graphic novel just stands out as a great gift for a comic fan, a Hellboy fan, or a fan of great art and story in general. It’s not too pricey, and it’s absolutely gorgeous. If anybody is curious about the Mignolverse, this is as good of place as any to start. Plus, it’s only $15!” Tyler

Marvel Masterworks


“With the movies making billions of dollars all over the globe, it seems like everybody loves Marvel superheroes.  You may even find yourself asking, “Since even Grandma loves The Avengers, how can I be cool?  How can I walk around with a smug sense of nerdy accomplishment just like Derek?”  Well, Derek is going to tell you:  Marvel Masterworks.  Marvel has collected these early Silver/Bronze Age stories in convenient paperbacks and sweet (but more expensive) hardcovers.  Now you can be as cool as me and we can laugh together at the masses as they line up to see a movie about characters they know nothing about!”Derek

Well there you have it comic worshippers! That’s our list for some holiday gift ideas. Feel free to comment below if you have any more suggestions and if you happen to buy anything on our list for a friend/loved one send us a picture @AllComic_! Have a Happy Holiday/Merry Christmas/Happy Festivas/Merry X-Mas or whatever the heck you celebrate. Take some time and read some comics!

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  • Personally, I’m going to start giving trades of Nowhere Men vol. 1 to any friends that might be interested in comics. I think if the creators can keep up the quality they’re dishing out right now, it has the potential to be the next big thing.

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