By Rick Remender & Nic Klein

The Captain America series is still in the wake of the “Dimension Z” storyline that comprised the first 10 issues of the series. The series’ second storyline “Loose Nuke,” now in its third issue, does a great job of continuing to explore the fallout and the effect it is having on Cap.

The last couple issues of this series have spent much less time focusing on the title character and more on the villains. Rick Remender is doing a bang up job on his moments with Cap to portray a broken man who has lost his family. If you are expecting to have a book full of Captain America from beginning to end then there will probably be some disappointment, but the lack of Captain America feels appropriate for the character right now.

The problem with Remender’s focus on the villains, particularly Nuke, is that there isn’t much character development. The bits with the Iron Nail are well done and add new dimensions and motivations to the character. Nuke on the other hand continues to feel like a one dimensional character. Since his debut he hasn’t done anything but spout exposition and mow down soldiers. That doesn’t make for the most interesting of villains.

Artist Nic Klein and colorist Dean White are what make the Nuke scenes worth it at all. The action in this book has been top notch since it launched but these two are taking it to a new level, and their work on Nuke’s devastation in Nrosvekistan is some of the best in the series.

If you’re looking for a book with a lot of Captain America crushing in faces with his shield, this might not be the book for you. If you’re looking for some great character development for both the main character and his supporting cast, then look no further.


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