By Caitlin Kittredge, Inaki Miranda, Dave Johnson.

Eve continues her trek into her past as she works with old friends to uncover the mystery of what’s waiting in the woods. After ten years Eve visits her friend Mel, who has suspiciously woken up from the catatonic state that she had been living in. The world of Coffin Hill is dark, depraved and permeated with death, and Eve is at the epicenter of it.

Caitlin Kittredge has done some really great work in this issue in streamlining the story. There’s not as much flash back to the first incident in the Coffin Hill woods, which has actually freed the book to start focusing on the present day story of Eve. We are starting to see the story move forward as Kittredge builds the mystery and suspense around the force lurking in the woods. Eve is still holding strong as a main character as well. Kittredge has done a great job in creating a compelling female protagonist that is a total bad ass. One thing that is really enjoyable about Kittredge’s work is her ability to build the story. In these first three issues we have only seen two instances of magic, even though the book is steeped in the mystical world that surrounds Coffin Hill. Kittredge has done a fantastic job in creating a magical, macabre world without showing magic in its conventional sense. That build will make the first time we see Eve use some real magic all the more special.

Once again Inaki Miranda nails the art in this book. Her ability to capture the dark feel of the book on the page is uncanny. Her art compliments the story so well, and she has maintained that high quality of art since the first issue. Miranda’s artwork also does a great job of creating suspense in the story. She’s not afraid to play with the angles or ways that we see the action take place, giving the book the feel of a horror movie taking place on the page.

Coffin Hill has offered some really great work so far and with the story starting to pick up it’s exciting to see what darkness and depravity Eve will encounter next.


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