By Riley Rossmo and Alex Link

Drumhellar from Image Comics comes from the mind of Riley Rossmo (Green Wake, Bedlam, Cowboy Ninja Viking), which is one of those comics that you can’t just read once and move on. This is not your daddy’s comic; it’s not standard issue and it doesn’t really appear to play ball with a lot of other stuff you’ll find on the shelves. What’s all that mean? It means that Riley Rossmo decided to take the route of going weird and crazy and generally “out there”.

In a recent interview with us, which you can find here, Rossmo describes this series as exploring the world of the paranormal in a Rural setting. It addresses the non-corporeal, psychedelics and psychic phenomenon from an inquisitive point of view as opposed to a fear based point of view (most of the time).” Rossmo, naturally, has a much simpler way of describing this series than anything that this reviewer can put into words. From page one, this book is a trip—literally—and it doesn’t let up. From Peacock eggs that lead to another place, or another dimension, to the craziest literal out of body experience witnessed in some time, this issue is trippy.

Rossmo’s art, as with anything he does, shines the brightest because he really lets himself go and just does the story the way he wants it. From his cleaner lines in the more normal scenes, to the uber colorful and crazy out of body experience that Drum has towards the end of the book, this book is Rossmo at his finest. There is nothing holding him back because this is his series, his way and it’s obvious he’s pouring himself into this series.

Any day of the week, I’d rather see an artist let loose and do what he wants than be weighed down by structure or rules about how you’re “supposed” to do something. Every time Rossmo’s name appears on a book, you know it’s going to be good but his work with Drumhellar is a whole new standard that he’s set for himself.  He’s done the research, hopefully not too much research if you catch my drift, and he’s got the talent with some to spare. If the rest of this series is anything like issue one then we’re in for something special… and we might need to go to rehab afterwards. But, hey, it’s still going to be special and something to remember. Check this series out.


About The Author Tyler Goulet

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