By James Robinson, Nicola Scott, & Trevor Scott

So comes the end of James Robinson’s time with Earth 2. Issue #16 feels more like a penultimate issue to a story than a true ending to a writer’s run which is a shame because although this issue had some problems it seemed like Robinson had big plans for the series going forward.

Issue #16 is the final showdown between the World Army and the country of Dherain. The book opens with three double-page spreads that really sell the reader on the immensity of the battle. The book is a bit cluttered in the beginning as the reader jumps between narration from faceless reporter and Steppenwolf. This back and forth gets confusing, especially among the pandemonium of the art in the background. Robinson’s tendency to overwrite scenes is less apparent here but he does still over-explain in places where the art would work just fine alone.

Speaking of the art: man, have Nicola and Trevor Scott been a tremendous asset to this series. Everything from them is spot on, from the bombastic battles at the beginning to the facial expressions of shock and terror from the survivors of the battle. The Scotts knock issue #16 out of the park.

Great art and an interesting plot twist isn’t enough to lift this book to the next level. It’s a shame Robinson didn’t get more time on the book. It read a bit rushed, like he had to fit everything he wanted into this issue, and even then it doesn’t feel complete. We’ll have to wait a month to see how new writer Tom Taylor uses the pieces Robinson left on the board.


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