Ghostbusters #10


By Erik Burnham & Dan Schoening

 The Happy Horror Days storyline continues. It is now Dia De Los Muertos (Day of the Dead), so it makes perfect sense that some psychokinetic anomalies take place that the Ghostbusters must handle. A possessed clown doll manipulates a child to create an honor altar and keep a spirit tethered to the earthly plain. If that’s not a creepy premise, I don’t know what is…

This arc has integrated established folk traditions/legends which just makes these stories so much fun to read. Erik Burnham is able to incorporate culture and information into the stories and it doesn’t feel forced or nonessential to the narrative. In this book, he presents it to the reader on the first page with some great visuals from Dan Schoening. The twist where the ghost, Santa Muerta (ghost skeleton), was duplicating has been done in other Ghostbusters stories, but it  didn’t cheapen the tale. This is probably due to the eerie atmosphere that was developed by this creative team. What was surprising was the backup story Burnham wrote. He was able to make the Ghostbusters’ on-going nemesis, Walter Peck, seem like he was on their side, despite knowing full well he’s fulfilling his own agenda. Without a doubt that’s no easy task!

Schoening’s design for Santa Muerta was so menacing. It wasn’t exaggerated or cartoonish as some of the ghosts he has done. The half-page panel reveal of the spirit is undeniably noteworthy. Dan’s talent also shines when he is depicting the exposition of the story. He is able to cover all the necessary information in four panels. Just wonderful work!

If you’re considering reading the current Ghostbusters run, now is the time! This is looking to be a great story arc and it’s only two issues in. Also, it looks like the Krampus will be in the next issue… Can’t wait!!