Ghostbusters #7


By Erik Burnham, Doc Shaner, Luis Delgado & Andrew Harmon

Ghostbusters has reached a lull in its storyline. The original Ghostbusters are back from an alternate plane of existence and are still reeling from the experience. Egon Spengler is running self-diagnostics, Winston Zeddemore is trying to console his fiancé, Ray Stantz is tuning up equipment and Peter Venkman is, well, being his usual sarcastic self. Walter Peck is receiving flack from the local government for not keeping on top the Ghostbusters’ jobs, so he has Venkman investigate a ghost ship. Meanwhile, Winston is in Las Vegas trying to capture a ghost.

Erik Burnham has done great work on this series, but, upon reading this particular issue, it felt as if it was written by someone else. The jokes were not funny and a lot of the dialog written felt out of character for everyone!  Case and point is when Egon is yelling at Peter to leave him and he curses at him… that definitely is not something Spengler would say or do. Perhaps he was trying something different or going in another direction. Whatever the reason is, it was without a doubt very jarring. Hopefully, #8 will get things back on track. The plot of the book had nothing really intriguing; it was more moving the plot forward for what is to come later in the run. There’s nothing wrong with that, it just makes finishing the issue a chore, which should never be the case.

Dan Schoening took a backseat on the art this month and Doc Shaner took the reins. Shaner’s sketches are more natural than we’ve seen in the run. It was a little off-putting at first, but it can definitely grow on the reader. It’d be nice to see him return for more work on Ghostbusters. With that being said, there weren’t any panels that really caught my attention. It was solid work, but it wasn’t strong enough to make the issue stand out or make-up for the weak writing.

I love the Ghostbusters franchise and this run in particular, but #7 was disappointing. Hopefully, the next couple issues will improve. I’m keeping my fingers crossed and not the streams.