By Mark Waid and Kim Jacinto

Indestructible Hulk #15 brings a close to the Agents of T.I.M.E. storyline. After months of hopping through time, Hulk and Banner find themselves messing with their own origin story. Here we see Banner face off against an Uberhulk, a Hulk with double the dose of gamma radiation that looks like the offspring of Doomsday and Blanka, in what was a slightly confusing, but fun, issue.

In a time where superhero books are becoming increasingly serious and dark, Mark Waid has been making it a goal to bring the fun and adventure back to some of these books. One of the strongest aspects of Indestructible Hulk has been its focus on Banner and this issue adds new dimensions to his character as well as adds a mystery that is laying the seeds for future story lines.

Kim Jacinto’s art is solid through the issue until the end conflict between Banner and the Chronarchists. The fight becomes confusing quick and it is hard to distinguish what is happening when. It is confusing what Hulk is doing what and how the events are all taking place. The fault isn’t totally on Jacinto though as some of the dialogue, especially Banner’s inner dialogue, adds to the confusion.

Although the final battle gets pretty confusing, issue 15 was a fun end to a fun storyline. Time travel can be hard to pull off in an original and interesting way but having Banner face his origin was a blast. If you’re a fan of fun, pick this book up.


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