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Comic Culture; fans and their love of capes, the rise of creator-owned comics, what it means to be a fanboy in today’s age and simply anything and everything comics, period. Coming from a true fan of the medium, these are just some of the things you will find in this column every week. Having read comics off and on for 10 years, I have seen and read a lot.

My love-affair with the medium began at the end of high school, took a long vacation during college, and then was rekindled after I graduated and started having a steady income. In the beginning I started as a DC guy (Batman), drifted over to Marvel for awhile (Daredevil), then back to DC (Green Lantern and… more Batman). As it sits right now, I read mostly titles coming out of Image Comics. I still like some of what the Big Two are doing, but find the indie scene to be far more rewarding and interesting. Some of my favorite ongoing series that I am currently reading are Chew, FBP and Sex Criminals. Over the years I have read many great series and amassed a very nice trade collection. My personal favorite is my Absolute edition of Batman: the Long Halloween. I have yet to get the Dark Victory companion to sit beside it; consider it a life-goal, and one day it will be done.

Two years ago I made the jump to digital for my monthly reading and haven’t looked back. I still buy plenty of trades, and mostly self-contained original graphic novels. I love being able to have the whole story in my hands to read at once at my own leisure. I am a huge proponent of the digital movement and believe in no way that it will kill print comics. Giving someone the digital tools to read comics, who could never before, is not a bad thing; it is a good thing. Some of you may be aware of my support of digital comics from my previous work on the Fanboy Remix column on the now defunct RCB website, and for that, I apologize if I am being redundant. That’s bound to happen when you support something 100%!

However, this is a new column and a new day. All-Comic is a great site run by great people and I am happy to be a small part of it. So, now that you know a little about me I am going to ask you all a favor. Please come back every Tuesday and feel free to join the Comic Culture. Comics are a medium meant to be shared and I plan on doing that with all of you. So, please feel free to do the same. See you next week!

Happy reading.


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