By Matt Kindt, Doug Mahnke, & Christian Alamy

Justice League of America #8 is the first Justice League book that ties into the true Forever Evil storyline. Rather than a story that is directly involved with what is happening with the Crime Syndicate however, we find Martian Manhunter and Stargirl trapped in a mental prison of sorts with nowhere to go but down.

Writer Matt Kindt brings up the concept of different heroes defeating themselves mentally as opposed to falling to an enemy in a physical confrontation. Many of these examples are strong looks into the heroes psyche. The Flash becomes obsessed with trying to do everything the world has to offer because “he has the time” and it drives him insane. Shazam is in a world where everything that is destroyed is immediately rebuilt and there are no consequences making his prison the ultimate sandbox for the ultimate man-child.

While Kindt brings out interesting aspects to some of these characters, he treads familiar ground for other characters. Superman in particular is a bit disappointing because he just wants to rewind time to make up for past mistakes. In character for Superman without a doubt, but certainly something we have read before.

Doug Mahnke offers up another great issue of artwork. Each of the different mental prisons managed to have their own feel to them and the storytelling in each of them offered more specificity for each character. A description of the Flash’s morning was especially well drawn as quick panels flowed from one event to the next as the snappy dialogue explained the morning. It all came together for a very interesting look at the Flash.

Although Justice League of America #8 is a tie-in to Forever Evil it is easy to pick up and read on its own. With a unique look at what mental struggles different members of the League have and some great art this is definitely a strong entry in the series.


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