Kick-Ass 3 #3


By: Mark Millar, John Romita Jr., & Dean White

Mark Millar continues his influential “realistic” superhero saga in this new issue. We gain insight into how Mindy (Hit-Girl) is handling prison life–she’s running the place, quite literally–and Justice Forever has re-assembled under Kick-Ass (Dave) to make a difference on the streets once again. On the flip side, Chris Genovese is out of prison and being primed to work for his uncle, who seems to be the primary antagonist in this story arc, Rocco Genovese.

This issue doesn’t necessarily stand-out, in terms of plot, but that’s OK. The book should be viewed as progressing the story; a piece of the puzzle, if you will. Despite this, issue #3 is not stagnant; Millar foreshadows much of what is to come, such as Mindy’s prison break-out and the fated reunion between Chris and Dave. It’s refreshing to see characters from Justice Forever from the previous arcs come back and take part in the story once again. Mark Millar is a master at world-building and Kick-Ass 3’s story is about ready to reach the climax.

John Romita Jr.’s work is, to no surprise, top-notch. There are very few sequential artists who can truly convey emotion with just a character’s eyes. His pencil work and Dean White’s color work mesh so perfectly and provide a rich backdrop for Millar to tell this great story. White’s contrasting color schemes between the prison sequences with that of life on the outside bring a vibrant dynamic that engages the reader.

Mark Millar has proven with the three prior story arcs that his collaboration with John Romita Jr. is dynamite! As the proverbial seeds are being sown, we must prepare for what will no doubt be an intense and satisfying conclusion to the Kick-Ass story.