By Kyle Higgins & Will Conrad

Despite recent happenings in Forever Evil it’s nice to see Nightwing #24 pick up right where issue #23 left off. The unexpected alliance of Nightwing and Tony Zucco offers some great moments as the two of them reluctantly work together to stop The Prankster from taking down Chicago.

Since Nightwing moved to Chicago the series has had new life breathed into it. Kyle Higgins wraps up his first story arc in Chicago with some great moments and seeds sown for future stories. The parallels between Nightwing and The Prankster hit right on the mark as the reader sees how Dick could have turned out and was becoming on his hunt for Tony Zucco. Nightwing and Tony’s scenes together are also well written, showing that Tony just might have changed his ways now that he is a family man.

It is confusing to determine where in the DC timeline this story takes place. Based on the ending of this story it doesn’t seem like Dick has plans to leave Chicago anytime soon so it will be curious to see when the events of  Forever Evil will take place and, more importantly, when will the effects that story has on Nightwing be seen in his solo series.

The art by Will Conrad is bombastic and energetic as ever. Conrad is a great fit for Nightwing’s acrobatics and even when the character is on a motor bike it still has that quick, acrobatic pace to it. The story has felt very high energy from the start and Conrad has met that energy with energy of his own and even knocked it up a few pegs. Not to say Conrad can only draw the big fight scenes though. His small moments, especially between Tony and Dick are great. You can see the guilt on Tony’s face and then later the unsatisfied look that Dick has on his.

The first story arc for Nightwing in Chicago ends on a very strong note. There was a lot of development for the title character himself as well as for Tony Zucco and the seeds that Higgins is planting for upcoming stories help to raise the intrigue on why Chicago is so anti-hero. The question on lots of minds though is probably going to be “where does this fit in to Forever Evil?”


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