by Kurtis Wiebe and Tyler Jenkins

Is it cliche to use the phrase, “what more can be said about this?” when referring to Peter Panzerfaust? Every issue is a step forward and every issue seems to be better than the last. This, of course, is no exception. From an exciting first appearance of a classic character from the Peter Pan mythos, to a heart wrenching, wordless stretch of pages this issue is one of the best yet.

Kurtis Wiebe introduces his version of the crocodile, Hook’s legendary “nemesis”, and it’s one to remember. Mysterious, deadly, and interesting as all hell. The only negative that can be said about this is that we didn’t get enough time with this character. Of course there’s no doubt that he’ll be back and we’ll get more information on this unique and daring taking on the Croc.

When it comes to art, Tyler Jenkins shines in the handful of wordless pages depicting, undoubtedly, one of the best and ultimately worst parts of Felix’s life. The angles, the characters, the colors; it was all some of Tyler Jenkins’ best work and it was packed full of emotion. Letting Jenkins run wild with Wiebe’s wordless direction and letting his art speak for itself over eight wonderful pages was one of the best ideas that these two have had yet and it was executed to perfection. Arguably one of the most heart wrenching sequences yet and another reason that this is one of the best comics out there.

What more do you want? Buy this f*cking series already.


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