by Kelly Sue DeConnick, Emma Rios & Jordie Bellaire

After some mixed feelings aimed towards Pretty Deadly‘s first issue, many people will be curious as to what issue two will bring to the story. If you liked the first issue then you will love the second and if you had mixed feelings about issue one then you just might have your mind swayed with issue two.

Last issue just gave us the tale (and a brief appearance at the end) of Ginny but no worries, this issue the daughter of the devil makes one hell of an appearance. This issue picks up where the last one left off with Big Alice on the trail of a binder that she thinks is now in the possession of Sissy and Fox’s group. This issue really helps compliment a lot of introductions from the previous one while still building and solidifying the plot. Not only does this issue deliver in terms of firming up both the story and the characters but there is a brutally intense fight scene. Even though this story is shaping up well there are still plenty of things shrouded in mystery that intrigues the reader to want to know more.

Pretty Deadly is a comic ouroboros where both the art and the story feed off each other which take this story to another level beyond just another indie comic. Emma Rios’ artistic style has this beautifully dirty style which intensifies that dusty feeling of the wild west. While this is a supernatural tale the art still treats the otherworldly aspects of the story with a grounded and realistic approach. Both the art and the story exercise an excellent balance of dark and light, where on the surface Pretty Deadly both looks and feels dark but that just makes those bright areas that much more meaningful and prominent.

Both DeConnick and Rios have been around the comic industry for awhile and have distinguished themselves but Pretty Deadly feels like both of them at the top of their game giving us fans everything they have.  Love it or hate it, I don’t know how you cannot respect a series that goes all out like this. With both issue one and two together feel like a great introduction so let’s see where issue three takes us.


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