By Brian K. Vaughan & Fiona Staples

Just when you think Saga can’t possibly continue the incredible streak it’s been on since the very first installment, Image Comics goes ahead and does something like…well, releasing a new issue. This book never disappoints in any respect. The story has slowed down a bit since the series comeback, but this is fairly well-warranted given the current context of the plot.

Alana and Marko with family in tow are still trying to figure out what to do next, but the current setting of Heist’s abode on Quietus makes for some wonderfully introspective and highly hilarious moments. There was a lot of humor in Saga #15 which made for yet another fun issue. The current arc feels even more character-driven than previous additions to this tale, which has allowed the central players to be fleshed out even further. Although the terrific dialogue is already considered one of the defining traits of this book, the sincerity of the language used throughout issue #15 went beyond this usual expectation. Light-hearted at times, raunchy at others, and even in the more serious scenes, Brian K. Vaughan always excels at writing character voices that feel true to the individuals. Despite the more introspective nature of this latest installment, there was a huge surprise upset at the end that will hopefully have a positive outcome in the future!

Fiona Staples’ artwork, like the story, is always amazingly consistent. The characters’ facial expressions are always perfectly suited to whatever mood is conveyed through the dialogue and further enhances the emotional impact of each scene. The attention to detail is always of high-quality, while the overall style feels freshly unique. Furthermore, her often bright colors give the book a vibrant quality that underscores the fantastic nature of this strange universe.

There were so many funny moments in Saga #15, but the story maintains its heartfelt emotional tone. One of the interesting factors involved in Saga’s mass appeal has to be the fact that even the “bad guys” are likeable. Although the overall plot has slowed down, it remains highly enjoyable to witness the wonderful character interactions and developments from both sides of the story.


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