by Joe Casey, Piotr Kowalski, & Brad Simpson

Joe Casey has done a lot of thoughtful and provocative work in the comics industry but Sex is probably one of his finest yet. The only downfall is using the title Sex for this series; it works for the most part but it also makes it easy for most people to write it off just from the title alone and that’s a damn shame because there is so much to enjoy in this series that isn’t just sexual situations.

The latest issue seems to be the end of the first arc of this series and it was a great build up to whatever Casey has in store. Simon Cooke has gotten used to being himself and this issue was the ultimate test to prove that. Being present for a massive orgy of people revealing who they really are and basically literally and metaphorically being stripped down to their core self has opened Cooke’s eyes to the fact that he has always found a way to hide from himself one way or another. He learns that even if he doesn’t wear a mask like when he was the Armored Saint he still finds a way to to hide himself from the world. After once again talking with his old flame and rival Annabelle Lagravenese, he decides to stop running and hiding from his life and to accept his mistakes and keep moving forward. Now whether that means he’ll once again don the uniform of the Armored Saint or not remains to be seen, but that’s what keeps the reader pining for more.

Although Sex has a really deep story the art really helps heighten it. The art in this book is some of the best on the stands and it feels like people are missing out because they’re turned off by the title. Kowalski has a very distinguished and unique style that harkens back to comics of the 80’s but still has a refined modern look that doesn’t make it look dated. Then you add the distinctive colors that seem bright and subdue it, which really sets an overall tone for this book that really no other book is doing right now.

This first arc of Sex was much like its name with plenty of tension and build-up, and once you read this issue you are excited for a big release. Whether Casey decides to give it to you right away or keep building up tension with literate foreplay is up to him but he does a great job of leaving you feeling satisfied but also wanting more with this arc. Anyone who dismissed this series based on the title should really think of revisiting this because there is a beautiful and deep story in there that most people could find some joy in.


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