By Tom Waltz, Kevin Eastman and Ross Campbell

After devouring the entire Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle series, from volume one to volume six, and including the collection of The Secret History of the Foot Clan plus the single issues that will make up volume 7, in less than a week it’s safe to say that this reviewer is on a little bit of a TMNT buzz. However, consuming that much in that short of a time really added to the emotional impact of #29 and causes more feels than one should admit.

Tom Waltz and original co-creator Kevin Eastman have done an absolutely fabulous job on the aftermath of big-time event City Fall – an event that demands that you read it. It’s quite literally one of the best stories in the long, long history of TMNT. The brothers and Master Splinter are reeling after City Fall and have fled New York City to try and regroup, heal up and deal with a confused Leonardo. Waltz and Eastman pull your heart strings as they touch on every member of the group and how he or she is dealing with what happened in NYC. One of the more surprising things is the appearance of – and possible spoiler warning folks – Alopex in New Hampshire. For a character that seemed to just be background noise, it was sad to see the character in that condition and the fact that she had nowhere else to go but to follow the Turtles.

While we’re on the subject of Alopex, artist Ross Campbell did such an amazing job on her facial expressions and how disheveled she appears that, yes, it only added to the tug on the heart strings. Campbell, along with the writing duo, really makes you feel for this character in that moment like you never thought possible. Along the same note, Campbell’s work throughout the issue was very emotionally charged and really added an extra, heavy layer to the mood around the Turtles right now. Quite frankly, Campbell’s art is right up there alongside Mateus Santolouco’s work on the series and is a perfect fit for TMNT after the work Santolouco did with City Fall.

Phew. This issue seriously packed one hell of an emotional punch. It’s going to be a tough road to try and get things back to normal for the Turtles – if that’s even possible at this point. The setting in New Hampshire (which totally looks like the house they went to in the first TMNT movie when Raph was hurt) is a perfect place to rest and regroup and something they all desperately need. Issue #30 can’t come fast enough.


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