by Cullen Bunn, Dario Brizuela and Heather Breckel

Not being too familiar with TMNT: New Animated Adventures but understanding the who and what of the Turtles makes this issue easy to jump into. Cullen Bunn (Sixth Gun, Venom, Fearless Defenders) steps in for this one-off issue and does a great job telling a good Turtles’ story within the NAA universe. The Turtles are written well and, even only seeing a few random episodes of the new series; it seems to fit with this new version of these beloved ninja brothers. Best of all, Bunn makes this issue fun and a great issue for anybody who needs a little extra TMNT in their lives.

On the art side, series regular Dario Brizuela does a decent job capturing the new, almost young looking, turtles from the series. It’s nice to see them drawn out as opposed to that crappy, cheap CGI-cartoony look. There are a few issues here and there with heads, faces and angles of the turtles, but for the most part Brizuela does a good job will Bunn’s one and done story.

Overall, this is a nice, quick read over in the New Animated Adventures universe of the Turtles. Even without seeing the show or reading the other issues it’s easy to jump in and just enjoy a good TMNT story. Pick it up if you get the chance because, really, who can’t use a little more TMNT?


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